Weekly News [3/30/19]

Dear RCLS Families,




I hope you are enjoying the warmer weather (but not the pollen and allergies *achoo*). Here are the announcements for this week including a new storytelling event and a math workshop. Please read.... 




St. Timothy's Property and Equipment:  We have been notified by St. Timothy's school smart boards and iPads are being used.  Chinese related searches, music, and cartoons were found on these devices.  RCLS does not have permission to use this equipment, due to the high replacement value, if damaged.  The cost of replacing a smart board is $5,000 and up to $1000 per iPad.  Please advise all your child not to use this equipment.   


We have gym access for the Tai-Chi culture class and the Chinese Yo-Yo class. The gym is located across the courtyard from the school building. The only shoes that can be worn in the gym are athletic shoes--NO HEELS, HARD-SOLED SHOES, OR BARE FEET.
There is no caretaker this year that is available on Saturday. Instead, the RCLS Principal will be in charge of opening the building and disarming the alarm. The Principal is only able to get into the building from 8 AM to 3 PM on Saturday. If you leave something and discover it beyond this time, you will have to arrange to come in on Monday and speak with the St. Timothy's staff about retrieving it.
Families are allowed to use the St. Timothy's playground that is located between the parking lot and the church. However, children must be supervised by an adult while using playground equipment.


Internet Access

STS Public is the wi-fi we use. Password is gotitans!
Student Affairs

Please remember that it is important to keep the school clean and in order.  We would like to remain at St. Timothy's and have a good relationship with them, but we need everyone's help to accomplish this.

Usage of empty classrooms after hours are not permitted unless you have permission from the principal.

If you notice any damages, stains, or issues in classrooms, please take pictures and report them to the Principal.  If any damages occur during classes, please report them right away.  This includes culture classes.....
The lost and found bin will be in the RCLS office each week from 9:30 to Noon. Take care to keep up with jackets and hats as they sometimes cannot be differentiated from STS items. Please label items if you can.
Student Affairs has had many parents who have wished to look up their parent duties for the semester. Families will now be able to look up this information on their own as long as they have a registration log-in and know their password. On the members page
http://www.lotsidea.com/ncrcls2019s/parents.html there is a link to display your parent duty. If you click on this link and use your registration information, you can see the duties at any time.


Academic Affairs 


1.   Chess Competition 3/30:  The chess competition will be in room 130.  Teacher Brian Liu will be heading the event.  All participants please report to room 130 right after language classes.


2.   認字比賽及檢定 Word/Phrase Recognition Contest and Certification 4/6:  Please continue prepare for word recognition.  Any students who are absent on 4/6 will have an opportunity to take the make up exam on 4/27.  Students who are absent on 4/6 do not qualify for the contest.  They will still qualify for the certification on 4/27.


Each student has six minutes to complete the word list to earn a certificate of completion.  The contest portion is based on completion of the list within four minutes.


· Certification Method:

· Every student must pass 70% or above in order to receive current grade level certification. One make-up test is allowed.


Please read ALL the rules on the attached form provided. 




1.   PTA Food Order Link 


Please order by noon on Friday https://tinyurl.com/rclslunch


2.   The RCLS New Year Party Video



3.   Math Workshop 


4/6 10AM-11AM Room 213北卡中小學最新數學課程綱要與近代數學座談會



4/6 10AM-11AM Room 213


Refreshments will be provided by PTA


Easy ways to help fund our PTA


Amazon Link:  Go to smile.amazon.com and search for “Raleigh Chinese Language School” to select
Harris Teeter:  Link VIC card to School Code# 4101
Food Lion:   Link MVP card to School Code# 213821
Come by the RCLS office for help with linking the grocery cards.


First Annual Triangle Chinese Storytelling Contest


Vice Principal Michael Huang has coordinated with local Chinese schools to create the 1st annual Triangle Chinese Story Telling Contest.  The contest is for students in Elementary, Middle, and High Schools.  Attached are the rules and entry form for students who are interested in participating.  Below is some information.  

The contest will be held on Sunday, May 5th 2019, in Fo Quang Shan Temple, Raleigh 


The contest will be separated into 4 groups: elementary school level (1st-5th grade), middle school level (6th-8th), high school level (9th – 12th), and non-native Chinese speaker.

Each Chinese language School will delegate max 3 students for each group.


Contestants will have 2 to 4 minutes for the presentation of the story.


If more than 3 students per group are interested in participating a qualification round will be held at RCLS on 4/27


Please read all the rules attached for more information.

All entry forms will be taken by the deadline dates of:


- submit forms in person by 4/6


- submit forms online to vice_principal@ncrcls.org by 4/13


Summer Camp

Summer camp registration is open. The camp will be from July 22nd to July 26th. The registration link is http://www.lotsidea.com/ncrcls2019su/ See the attached flyer for more information.

Other opportunities


Anyone interested in being on the RCLS Table Tennis Team should contact Student Affairs: student_affairs@ncrcls.org




3/30 Chess Competition at 11:30 AM in room 130

4/6 Word/Phrase Recognition Contest

4/13 NO SCHOOL: Spring Break

4/20 NO SCHOOL: Spring Break

4/27 PTA Luncheon; Leadership Elections and Registration for Fall Semester begins

5/4 Leadership Elections and Registration for Fall Semester continues

5/11 Last day of Spring Semester; Language Class 9:30 AM to 11 AM; End of year ceremony at 11:15 AM; Fall Registration


Visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/321596131200044/



I look forward to seeing you on Saturday.


Amy Lin


RCLS Principal