Parents on Duty 家長輪值表


  • Raleigh Chinese Language School, RCLS, is a non-profit organization and all staff members are volunteers. At the time of registration, each family with children in language class who is not a staff / faculty member or does not have a parent in adult language class is assessed a $50 parent duty deposit. To be refunded the deposit, each family is required to perform two volunteer duties. If the parents elect not to volunteer, the $50 service deposit will not be returned. Having enough manpower on duty is important to the success of RCLS administration.
  • The two duties include one selected from "student affairs/registration" category and one selected from "academic affairs/PTA" category (please see details below). But if one of the above duties are not available for you to sign up you could be assigned on a waiting list or your two duties could be assigned in the same category after your consent.
  • St. Timothy's School provides the facility for RCLS. We should follow St. Timothy's policies that require RCLS to post hall monitors during class hours to ensure the order in classrooms and hallways, as well as the students' safety.

Check Current Signed Duty (Fall 2018)

Duty Categories:

  • Student Affair duty (pick one)

Type of Duty


Hallway monitoring

  • On duty during class hours
  • Required to arrive before 9:10AM
  • Ring the bell at 9:30, 10:30, 10:40 and 11:30 AM
  • Maintain order in classrooms and hallways
  • Ensure no running, eating and drinking in the hallways during break time
  • Ensure students' safety in the hallways.
  • Report any student injury to RCLS staffs immediately.


  • Help to distribute registration reminder on the 12th week
  • Assist parents/students to register at the time of registration


  • Assist teachers to copy (from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM)
  • Help school events (from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM)

  • Academic Affair/PTA duty (pick one)

Type of Duty


Academic Affair

Contest Judge

  • Require to be able to speak/understand Mandarin Chinese
  • Perform judge duties for all academic contests
  • Compile contest results right after the contests
Academic Affair

First day of school

  • Assist and guide new parents/students to classrooms
  • Assist in distribution of textbooks and materials

Academic Affairs

Culture Day

  • Event setup
  • Event clean up
  • Event execution assistants


Moon Festival

  • Help distribute cake dessert for Moon festival.


Bake sale

  • Bring bake sale items per the PTA's requests
  • Be a cashier or assistants who help to sell bake sale items
  • Help set up and clean up


Chinese New Year Event assistant

  • Event setup
  • Event clean up
  • Event execution assistants
  • Arrange dining tables/chairs according to event
  • Staff will contact parents on duty via e-mail or phone call by Thursday while school is in session.
  • For those parents who cannot be present for duty during his/her assigned date, please contact staff at least one week ahead so that a substitute can be arranged; otherwise we cannot guarantee to find another service date for you. .